Mushroom Tartlets, Apple and Blue Cheese Turnovers, French Apple Cake

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Let’s start with dessert, shall we? I ran across this amazing recipe for French Apple Cake by Dorie Greenspan from her book Around My French Table. David Lebovitz posted a great article and her recipe here.  As much as I love pies and tarts, I wanted to do something different with the apples that came in my CSA share. French Apple Cake, now that was different, I was all over it. This is one of those recipes that you’ll probably have all the ingredients for in your pantry – except maybe the Rum. This isn’t a  problem for us, we have Rum coming out our ears here in south Florida, and it’s gifted to us a lot – thank you very much! Don’t skip this ingredient, it’s the backbone of the cake (but if you must, just bump up the vanilla extract by double). Minty Syrup is a great way to use up extra mint and nice to have on hand to use in cocktails (Mojitos immediately come to mind – the south Florida thing again), hot or iced tea and with fresh fruit or berries. This keeps for weeks in the fridge. The Mushroom Tartlets and Apple and Blue Cheese Turnovers are a snap to make since I made them with purchased puff pastry sheets. You can use what ever fruit is in season for the turnovers, mix and match the cheese, herbs, dried fruit and nuts to make it your own. I like to make extra mushroom filling to keep it in the freezer in case surprise guests show up or we have a last minute party invite – it’s ready to put together.


15 Responses to “Mushroom Tartlets, Apple and Blue Cheese Turnovers, French Apple Cake”

  1. Wow Kelly, this all looks so delicious!

  2. Can’t wait to try the mushroom tartlets! I would never have thought to make more to freeze – what a great idea for last minute cocktail snacks.

  3. they are look so, so good! love the teapot, too!

  4. Your blog is beautiful. I especially love the new apple cake recipe and eager to try it out myself. Happy to have found your blog via Tastespotting

  5. All of these look great, but I skipped right to the blue cheese! Blue cheese and apples inside of puff pastry… omg is it time for dinner yet?

  6. Yum, that apple cake looks gorgeous! And the mushroom tartlets sound/look divine.

  7. Wow! Those turnovers looks heavenly!!

    Great blog; happy I found you!

    Mary xo
    Delightful Bitefuls

  8. Wow, you are so amazing. I am not a Blue cheese Fan (you probably know that I don’t like Blue Cheese) but I am going to make some for Earl because he LOVES Blue Cheese. Your Apple and Blue Cheese Turnovers, I’ll make me some Turnovers without the Blue Cheese. Love You Sweetie-Pie

  9. Apple and blue cheese turn overs oh my! It screams Autumn Appetizer. Thanks for your creative recipes, I love your work!


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