Cantaloupe Carpaccio with Aniseed and Lime

Cantaloupe Carpaccio with Aniseed and Lime
This is a melon dish you can eat any time of day, not just for breakfast. It’s so good in fact, that I ended up eating two servings, mine and my husbands. As much as I try to talk him into eating melons of any variety and in all kinds of transformations, he politely turns it down, “it taste like perfume”.  Not even a bite folks.  It is a pretty floral dish with the super ripe melon and fennel fronds, but so beautiful especially if you are a melon lover like me, so light and refreshing yet clean and bold. The lime and toasted aniseed balances out the sweetness while bringing out the flavor of the cantaloupe. I added a few sprigs of fennel fronds that I had on hand, which really pulled it all together. The key to this dish is to slice the melon as thin as possible, but not too thin because it’ll fall apart. A vegetable peeler like this works perfect, you can find similar ones at any restaurant supply for around a dollar. I’ve had mine for 10+ years, including 4 restaurant stints and it’s still going strong (yes, it was used in the above photos too).
Don’t skip the salt and pepper, it really makes a difference. Just make sure it’s a nice finishing or a flake salt (see here for a quick description) but please, no table/iodized salt – I never use the stuff.


Countdown to Hapa Ramen 2 weeks + 2 days

15 Comments to “Cantaloupe Carpaccio with Aniseed and Lime”

  1. Hey Kelly…..i haven’t seen any tasters wanted job notices on the blog….have i missed something…..the cantaloupe carpaccio looks killer….BillyGee

  2. It looks delicious,and so refreshing for a day like today. Funny, I didn’t figure your sweetie to be melonphobic. Must be something deepseated from the past. The Haparamen site made me drool.I will be your chocolate taster. Any ill effects from the Becherovka?

  3. This is a beautiful and interesting blog, congratulations for the recipe and for associations of taste!!

  4. so pretty kelly.perfect for sunny weather here in paris!

  5. Thanks for checking out my site.
    I love your page, it looks beautiful.
    these photos are great, you fooled me into thinking that was smoked salmon, mmmm.

  6. How clever! This would be great with all sorts of fruits! I’ll have to try it.

  7. looks SO good. such a creative recipe too. can’t wait to try it. i’m bookmarking with my account right now!

  8. This is absolutely gorgeous. Now I know what I’ll do with the melon on my butcher block. Your husband is quite silly, if you ask me!

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