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June 27, 2011

Watercress and Spinach Salad with Blood Oranges, Strawberries & Vanilla-Cardamom Vinaigrette

Watercress and Spinach Salad with Blood Oranges, Strawberries & Vanilla-Cardamom Vinaigrette

I was super excited to receive some gorgeous blood oranges in my CSA share along with baby spinach and watercress. Of course, I immediately thought of a bright summer salad. I wanted to “warm” it up a bit with a vinaigrette made with cardamom and vanilla beans which are highly aromatic and go extremely well with sweet fruits. You can add fresh ricotta (see recipe here) and candied bacon (see recipe here) to make this (already) tasty salad out of this world. ~Kelly

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June 20, 2011

Homemade Salt and Vinegar Chips

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Homemade Salt and Vinegar Chips

Sea salt + vinegar + crispy potatoes…it just works. Maybe it’s me, but those  store bought salt and vinegar potato chips makes my teeth hurt. Kind of like when you eat too much salty popcorn while watching a movie.  I’ve been wanting to come up with a homemade version  of these potato chips for a while, same great flavor just a little milder. Soaking the potatoes alone didn’t give them the vinegar punch I was after, so I made a vinegar finishing salt. These wont make your lips pucker quite as much, and have a nice vinegar taste without being overwhelming. Simple and so good.   ~Kelly

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June 6, 2011

Homemade Buttermilk Ricotta & Ricotta Gnocchi with Fava Beans and Pancetta

Ricotta Gnocchi, the lighter cousin of the potato Gnocchi, perfect for Spring. The potato is replaced with Ricotta cheese, transforming them into dumplings as light as clouds (too much perhaps?) I made a sauce using a crisp white wine, lemon and sweet cream, a nice change from the traditional tomato sauce. The fresh Fava Beans and crispy Pancetta make this dish even more special, as if the homemade Ricotta wasn’t enough…

Fava Beans – also known as Favas, Windsor beans, English beans, horse beans and pigeon beans. They are a labor of love, and I do love them. First, you have to string and shuck the beans, then blanch them before removing the vibrant green bean from a second pod. Now, if that’s not spring, I don’t know what is. The way I look at it, if mother nature took all that effort to protect this bean, they must be extraordinary and deserve special handling and preparation – don’t you think? The beans have a buttery texture and a lovely nutty flavor. And, Favas are nutritious too, high in fiber and iron, and have a crazy amount of protein. The next time you see these goofy looking beans, fill up a bag, and gather some friends and family around the kitchen table to help shuck them over some glasses of wine. It will definitely become a time to remember.


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