Goodbye California, Hello Florida!

Goodbye California…
My apologies for not posting for a several weeks, I decided to take some R&R and enjoy our final weeks in California with my family and friends. What an amazing summer. So much to do, eat and see…and I don’t get tired of any of it. I’m not sure what I’ll miss the most, but towards the top of my list would have to be Hapa Ramen. I couldn’t leave without sharing a bowl with you. As always, it’s something I look forward to all year and eat as much humanly possible. You can catch them at the Ferry Building, San Francisco in their modest but super busy booth on Tuesdays and Thursdays 10-2. Aside from the homemade Ramen, a heavenly broth (word is, it’s cooked at a low temperature for 4 days–could this be true?!), farm to table vegetables, they’ve figured out how to cook the perfect egg–sous vide style. Seriously, I dream about this egg – it’s that good. Read the Hapa Ramen story here, and the next time you find your self in San Francisco, grab a “Bid Daddy” bowl…made with love.












Hello Florida…

After a 4 month stay in northern California, it was time to head back. Two days after my feet hit the warm south Florida ground, I was invited to teach a Food Photography & Styling workshop at Galerie Jenner (full house, whoo-hoo). We all had a great time, the students were amazing and creative, they were able to take tons of pictures throughout the 4 hour class. With help from my lovely assistant Camille West, we had 5 sets for the students to shoot, plus numerous still life with all the lovely props from my pal Valerie (thanks Val!). As the day went on, we set out platters of hors d’oeuvres, desserts and wine for everyone to enjoy while discussing their shots and asking lots of great questions. I’d like to thank Jeremiah Jenner for hosting this super fun class. Check back at Galerie Jenner, we’re already planning upcoming classes!

Here’s the menu from class;
1. Citrus Salad – Pomegranate, Dragon Fruit, Prickly Pear.
2. Asian Spiced Pork Crostini with Caramelized Orange Onions and Asiago.
3. Black Mission Fig Crostini with Brie, Pistachios and Honey Balsamic Glaze.
4. Fresh Berry Tart with Lemon Pastry Cream and Toasted Almond Shortbread.
5. Boston Cream Cupcakes!

Now that I’m settling back in, I am truly inspired and can’t wait to share some exciting new recipes with you. ~K.

4 Comments to “Goodbye California, Hello Florida!”

  1. Hey, I recognize those lovely long fingers! Fig and brie crostini, yum. So glad we’re about to get more or your recipes. xo Claire

  2. Yes they are your fingers…I would recognise them anywhere.Tthey are fine precision instuments. I have always said that. Sounds like you are doing some amazing things these days and enjoying your life.Keep up the good work Kel.

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