Fresh Pea and Tarragon Remoulade with Salmon Crudo

Pottery handmade by Catalina Aguirre Hoffman

Pottery handmade by Catalina Aguirre Hoffman

Fresh Pea and Tarragon Remoulade with Salmon Crudo

Spring on a plate.

Salmon Crudo = raw fish, lightly seasoned with olive oil, a bit of acid, salt and pepper. For this recipe my acid of choice was lemon juice and zest. Of course, you always want to choose the freshest fish possible, especially when eating it raw. Get to know your fishmongers and ask where your fish is coming from and when it came in. This beautiful piece of Salmon was so fresh it would have been criminal to even think of touching it to a hot pan. My favorite way to eat fresh english peas are simply popped from their shell. Here, I barely blanched them, just 1 minute to remove a bit of the rawness. I thought a sauce remoulade softly spiked with tarragon, mustard and garlic would be perfect with these super fresh ingredients. I promise you, the little extra effort it takes here to make your own mayonnaise is well worth it. I used pea shoots to bump up that wonderful pea flavor, but spinach or arugula would be nice substitutions. This can be eaten as a main course (as we did), or plated individually to kick off an amazing dinner party.

I hope you love this dish as much as we did.

9 Comments to “Fresh Pea and Tarragon Remoulade with Salmon Crudo”

  1. Once again, I am blown away. The very last image is killer. Even the fork looks edible.

  2. I was so stunned, I spelled my own name wrong.
    There’s no k in Wexler.

  3. Yummy….all that amazing beautiful food! One of my greatest pleasures in life….to share beautiful food with friends. Thanks for doing the same.

  4. You blow me away girl, you are so talented. Everything looks so amazing. GIRL I am so proud of you. Even though I am not a fish person it sure looks good. Earl says, Yummy, Yummy, Yummy in the Tummy, Tummy, Tummy.

  5. This looks so delicious – that photo of the crudo and the little fork is to die for!

  6. I was just looking at the recipe for Sam Wo’s raw fish salad and waxing nostalgic- and here you are reading my mind again.Beautiful and delicious! I’d love to know what you did with the rest of your mayo-eating it straight with a spoon perchance?

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