Lemon – Almond Popovers with Homemade Strawberry Butter

Lemon-Almond popovers


homemade strawberry butter

Lemon – Almond Popovers with Homemade Strawberry Butter

It’s been quite a while since I’ve made homemade butter, and I can’t imagine why. It takes no time at all, just one ingredient and a few minutes. There’s something healing and satisfying about making the most basic of staples – butter, jam, pickles, cheese, bread. It always brings me back to the day when this was how things were done, no big deal. Making the butter myself, along with (part) of the flour, feels freeing. We don’t always take time for life’s simple pleasures, when in fact, it’s exactly what life is all about. Your simple pleasures may be planting a garden, knitting socks, molding clay – mine is using my hands to nourish.

8 Comments to “Lemon – Almond Popovers with Homemade Strawberry Butter”

  1. I made chive popovers the other day and they were so much fun to make! It almost seemed as if they were fool-proof. Yours look beautiful and I now know how delicious they taste.

  2. Your work is absolutely GORGEOUS Kelly! Thanks for stopping my site so I could discover this – wow! :)

  3. This one looks delicious. Don’t be afraid to try it out for us when you get here!

  4. i love your blog! i’ve always wanted to make popovers. i’m bookmarking this!

  5. delicioso

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