Chocolate Clementine Tart with Almond-Shortbread Crust and Honey Cream & the kick off of a new recipe series!

I’m super excited to announce the kick off of a new recipe series I’m working on and to tell you about a must read new book.
The book is “Have Mother, Will Travel, and the recipe series is “Have Kelly, Will Cook”.

Here’s a heart warming video peek into the book. To read more about the book and these amazing women click here.

I met Claire and Mia about 20 years ago at their home in Los Angeles. There are two things I will never forget.

#1. The first time I saw Mia’s beautiful smile, it literally brightens a room.
#2. The first time I ate Claire’s Lamb, she cooks it like no other.

We have since become the best of friends.
Claire describes food with the passion of a poet. When she told me about a confection she had gone crazy over in Provence, I could taste it myself. It was a candied clementine, honey, and marzipan, dunked in dark chocolate, called la Gourmandise. As usual, we immediately started brainstorming ideas to recreate this confection. Little did I know, this conversation would lead to a series of recipes based on wonderful food they tasted while on a global scavenger hunt.  For more of the story, click here.

The first recipe of the series is a Chocolate Clementine Tart with Almond-Shortbread Crust and Honey Cream. I knew this recipe would be amazing given the flavor combination described by Claire. The key to this tart is to use cold butter and eggs, and to work fast, otherwise the filling wont emulsify. Have all your ingredients measured and ready to go before you start to mix. You will be amazed, it only takes a minute to come together.

10 Comments to “Chocolate Clementine Tart with Almond-Shortbread Crust and Honey Cream & the kick off of a new recipe series!”

  1. Hey Kelly……….The food and photos look fantastic. I wish I was in SC enjoying it with you………BillyGeeeee

  2. The two things I noticed about Kelly the moment I met her –

    1. She just radiates love, her bright spirit illuminates everyone around her (and no, I’m not exaggerating)
    2. She’s as passionate and excited about food as I am (only she went on to become a chef, she leaves me in the dust with lamb, trust me)

    Thank you so much for your kind words, your kind heart, your constant cheer… and your fabulous food. You have nourished Mia and I in so many ways over the years. I’m truly blessed to have you in my life. So glad you’re sharing your talents with your blog. I’m buying clementines today to make the tart, so excited to try another version of la Gourmandise!

  3. I love the recipe , but I can’t read the quantities of the flour and all those little cup measurements… even if I enlarge the picture it’s unreadable… can you please help? or os it me? Thank you!!

  4. This looks so good, I’m getting hungry!

  5. Lovely as always,and so glad the book is out, the last one was fabulous and so revealing I’m looking forward to this very much. About the recipe- it reminds me alot of the Italian dessert from Sienna called PanForte, a favorite of mine that evokes medieval times and princesses. Since all ingredients must stay cold I’ll wait til fall to try this one, but it looks sooooo delicious!

    • Thank you Val! I haven’t quite finished Have Mother, Will Travel yet-I’m blocking out a chunk of time this weekend to finish it. I’m REALLY enjoying it. You’ll have to make me a PanForte sometime.

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