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September 17, 2012

Lavender & Rosemary Roasted Lamb Tartine – Warm Lentil Vinaigrette, Roquefort and Late Summer Tomatoes ~ Post #4 of “Have Kelly, Will Cook”

Lavender & Rosemary Roasted Lamb Tartine – Warm Lentil Vinaigrette, Roquefort and Late Summer Tomatoes ~
Post #4 of “Have Kelly, Will Cook” inspired by the much-anticipated book “Have Mother, Will Travel”
written by best selling authors Claire and Mia Fontaine.


I came up with this Lamb Tartine several years back for a dinner party that included Claire, and she still talks about it to this day. We thought it would fit right in with this series since a good portion of the book takes place in France. I warmly think of Claire every time I make this dish. The look on her face when she took her first bite was priceless; then I have to giggle a bit as I remember her devouring the rest, with grace of course.

We still have lots of beautiful tomatoes here in California, and I’ll be using them as much as I can until they are (sadly) gone for the season. You can easily replace them with slices of roasted squash or braised greens, pretty much anything you have available in your area. If you don’t like blue cheese, use a brie or even goat cheese. I like this Tartine served warm, even the lentil vinaigrette and toasted bread. The contrast with the fresh tomatoes is amazing.


August 29, 2012

Greece, Grub and the Gals. “Have Kelly, Will Cook” ~ Post # 3

Grilled Nectarines with Minty Yogurt, Lemon and Pistachio

Grilled Ono with roasted tomatoes, marinated olives and crispy capers

Post #3 of Have Kelly, Will Cook” a series of recipes I’m writing inspired by the new book “Have Mother, Will Travel”.
There were so many wonderful yet, sometimes hilariously challenging countries that Claire and Mia visited while on a global scavenger hunt which inspired them to write their second mother/daughter book “Have Mother, Will Travel” (the first best selling book is called is Come Back, a must read!). I haven’t been to any of the countries they so beautifully described in the book, but now, I have a vivid picture of what to expect when, one day, I’ll be able to see it for myself.

A family friend, who just so happens to be a fantastic chef, dropped us off some amazing Ono (aka Wahoo) and asked if I could find something to do with it. Well…. of course! Did I mention this is Tom’s absolute favorite. Thanks Heather!
I immediately knew I wanted to use it for the “Greece” (the country that is) chapter of the book. To me, Greek food is all about fresh ingredients, simply prepared. I lightly grilled some nectarines I picked up here, and make a sauce using a little Greek yogurt infused with lemon and mint, finished it with a touch of honey and pistachios. What a simple, yet refreshing dish perfect for dessert or even breakfast. The Ono needed no more that a few mixed olives, fresh basil, mint, lemon juice, sweet red onions and a few glugs of  olive oil (you know that nice bottle of olive oil you have hidden in the cabinet? This would be a perfect time to use it). If your garden is anything like ours right now, the tomatoes are going crazy, and are going in everything! I simply roasted some of the lovely cherry tomatoes to eat with the Ono along with a few handfuls of mixed lettuces.

August 1, 2012

Malaysia inspired Fried Rice, Post #2 of “Have Kelly, Will Cook”

Malaysian Fried Rice; Post #2 of “Have Kelly, Will Cook” inspired by the much-anticipated book “Have Mother, Will Travel” written by best selling authors Claire and Mia Fontaine

Claire doesn’t eat much rice, so when she raved about a fried rice dish her and Mia ate while in Malaysia, it was a no-brainer to include it in this series (I happen to LOVE rice).  I couldn’t get my hands on shrimp paste, so I used a combination of anchovies and fish sauce which was a nice substitution. Shrimp paste has a very unique, pungent and wonderful taste, there really isn’t a replacement for it. If you can find some, replace the anchovies with 1 teaspoon of the shrimp paste, fry it in the shallot oil along with the ginger and garlic. I used fresh corn, peas and carrots, which are gorgeous now at the farmers markets, along with plenty of lemon zest to brighten up this comfort dish. Typically, eggs are scrambled into the fried rice, but, a soft fried egg was the only choice for me, and made this side dish into a meal. I’ve been waiting all year for the local farm fresh eggs here in Santa Cruz and it was the first thing I ran to the farmers market to pick up once we landed in town for the summer.

Maybe one day I’ll have the opportunity to taste the fried rice of Malaysia, but until then, this version is pretty darn good.


July 17, 2012

Chocolate Clementine Tart with Almond-Shortbread Crust and Honey Cream & the kick off of a new recipe series!

I’m super excited to announce the kick off of a new recipe series I’m working on and to tell you about a must read new book.
The book is “Have Mother, Will Travel, and the recipe series is “Have Kelly, Will Cook”.

Here’s a heart warming video peek into the book. To read more about the book and these amazing women click here.

I met Claire and Mia about 20 years ago at their home in Los Angeles. There are two things I will never forget.

#1. The first time I saw Mia’s beautiful smile, it literally brightens a room.
#2. The first time I ate Claire’s Lamb, she cooks it like no other.

We have since become the best of friends.
Claire describes food with the passion of a poet. When she told me about a confection she had gone crazy over in Provence, I could taste it myself. It was a candied clementine, honey, and marzipan, dunked in dark chocolate, called la Gourmandise. As usual, we immediately started brainstorming ideas to recreate this confection. Little did I know, this conversation would lead to a series of recipes based on wonderful food they tasted while on a global scavenger hunt.  For more of the story, click here.

The first recipe of the series is a Chocolate Clementine Tart with Almond-Shortbread Crust and Honey Cream. I knew this recipe would be amazing given the flavor combination described by Claire. The key to this tart is to use cold butter and eggs, and to work fast, otherwise the filling wont emulsify. Have all your ingredients measured and ready to go before you start to mix. You will be amazed, it only takes a minute to come together.

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